At EDESK, we learn, innovate and improve

Welcome to EDESK Community Page. Here, you can share and find new ideas through our Enterprise Workspace Facebook Page and Google Code's project for Enterprise Workspace Open Source Community Project

You can now check out on our latest codes for Enterprise Workspace via Google Code's project for Enterprise Workspace Open Source Community Project. This project opens up the development process in few ways:-

  • 1. You can now check with our latest code via Google Code project and get the latest bug fixes, updates and etc
  • 2. If you come across any issues, bugs, requests on features or etc, you can submit to our Google Code project community tracker
  • 3. Hence, it is now easier and will be more efficient for interested developers to integrate and contributing into Enterprise Workspace project


  • Enterprise Workspace (EWS) is a break-though solution by EDESK that redefine capabilities and solution landscape of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Combining business intelligence into the ECM, EWS demonstrate and . . .
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Manage the information

  • EWS is a high performance, secure, open, functions-rich Enterprise Content Platform which is robust and flexibly designed to bring content management to the next level. . . .

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Manage the

  • A business process comprises a "series or network of value-added activities, performed by their relevant roles or collaborators, to purposefully achieve the common business goal." . . .

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Capture your

  • EWS Capture accelerates business processes by collecting structured and semi-structured business documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, retrievable records and information . . .

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