Client Centric Documents Retrieval

Clients always submit application forms and documents as per organization’s business processing need. Usually the collected and compiled paper documents are being photocopied and kept separately when it is being passed around. This will cause unnecessary duplicated documents piling up in cabinets at different departments.

Furthermore, if any additional documents submitted by client coming from different channels and timing, it will be very challenging for operation users to retrieve and consolidate into the existing client document set.


Enterprise WorkSpace solution enables the flexibility for operation to handle incoming client documents from various channels to always able to associate and aggregate automatically into a consolidated and centralized managed repository.

Users can retrieve the client’s document sets easily as it is client centric and able to list down all the documents submitted by clients from all incoming channels at different timing.

Key Benefits

  • Automated streamline and associate client documents
  • Centralized and consolidated repository management
  • Easy client centric documents retrieval