End to end Process Lifecycle Document Management

In an enterprise industry business process, documents will be uploaded or generated at multiple points throughout a complete process lifecycle. Example to complete an ordering process, the documents that required to be attached are such as purchase order, delivery order, invoices, etc and typically these documents come in via paper, email, fax, etc.

The typical problem is always documents are incomplete or even missing as per required by the process lifecycle for auditable purposes. Furthermore, these various documents originated at different touch points usually are being handled by different departments within the organization make it even more difficult to ensure the completeness.


Enterprise WorkSpace solution has inbuilt process lifecycle workflow engine enables business process to be defined and executed in order with capability to enforce document mandatory checklist verification throughout the process.

Therefore, users within the organization can concentrate on the assigned process tasks where the mandatory attached electronic documents are automatically consolidated and compiled.

The solution also will facilitate users with single point of retrieval on the complete set of documents.

Key Benefits

  • Workflow Engine to route process tasks as per business rules.
  • Mandatory Document Checklist ensuring Completeness
  • Single Point of Retrieval