Enterprise Reports and Statement Management

Financial institutions core system will generate large volume of operation reports and customer statements in spool everyday and every month. The content are highly confidential reports and critical to business operation. However, it is always being generated into a Windows shared folder with basic access control.

The generated reports and statements in folder usually are being deleted casually due to the files consume large storage space over time and causes operation users having problem of retrieving it at times.


Enterprise WorkSpace solution has a specific module to handle generated text based formatted spool file by automatically identifying, splitting, extracting data and importing into repository.

It also allows user to retrieve the reports and statements from a web browser with page scroll loading mechanism due to the nature of the files in large amount of pages. Furthermore, the retrieval are governed with stringent access control with audit trail tracking purposes.

The reports and statement can be defined and applied with retention policy for archival or purging according to operation user need as well as to address the file storage growth concern.

Key Benefits

  • Automated Spool file Processing
  • Web based retrieval with Security Control
  • Retention Policy to Archive or Purge