Nationwide Scan at Source Processing

In a nationwide business operation, product specific applications forms and any related supporting documents usually collected and handled at branches office. Typically, the branches will courier as well as scan one by one and email over to HQ in the case of urgency.

The biggest risk with the practice is physical courier may documents delayed arrival to intended recipient or even possibly lost. Furthermore, it is also an auditable risk when headquarter unable to retrieval the documents physically or even a secondary scanned image copy.


Our Enterprise WorkSpace solution addresses the challenge and can be perfectly tailored to organization’s needs. A decentralized multiple capturing channels paired with automation handling and smart recognition technologies, content in the form of papers or softcopies originating at branches can be easily and quickly submitted to headquarter operation for processing.

Business Documents are also being managed electronically in a centralized governed repository with enterprise grade security control ensuring auditable compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Effective document capturing at source
  • Improve documents submission & processing turnaround time
  • End to end document path visibility with status tracking
  • Centralized retrieval on Business Documents