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Client Centric Documents Retrieval

Clients always submit application forms and documents as per organization’s business processing need. Usually the collected and compiled paper documents are being photocopied and kept separately when it is being passed around. This will cause unnecessary duplicated documents piling up in cabinets at different departments. Furthermore, if any additional documents submitted by client coming from

Enterprise Reports and Statement Management

Financial institutions core system will generate large volume of operation reports and customer statements in spool everyday and every month. The content are highly confidential reports and critical to business operation. However, it is always being generated into a Windows shared folder with basic access control. The generated reports and statements in folder usually are

Nationwide Scan at Source Processing

In a nationwide business operation, product specific applications forms and any related supporting documents usually collected and handled at branches office. Typically, the branches will courier as well as scan one by one and email over to HQ in the case of urgency. The biggest risk with the practice is physical courier may documents delayed