New Business Processing


Compiling required information and documents from customer will greatly help the underwriting process. Enterprise WorkSpace facilitates documents submission and compilation from various channels into single point of retrieval.

  • Digitization Submission and Automation
  • Streamline Information and Document from various sources
  • Enable easy status enquiry and Reporting

Claims Processing

Fast and accurate claims approval will ensure customers are satisfied. Enterprise WorkSpace improves and enhances these claim submission requests and approval process.

  • Streamlining routing rules based on claim types
  • Governance Tracking & Audit Trail on Approval Procedures
  • Allow monitoring and enquiry of Status with Reporting

Customer Service Requests

Relevant customer requests and information updates may come from various channels. Enterprise WorkSpace streamlines all these requests and channels them into a standardized and unified service process.

  • Standardized and simplified requests from various channels
  • Enterprise Integration for simpler and faster processing
  • Governance Tracking & Audit Trail on all the requests and updates

Enterprise Workspace (EWS)

Enterprise Workspace (EWS) was designed with purpose to effectively improve business operation efficiency and sustainable long-term scalability aligning with industry best practices and standard in workflow automation and content management.


Why Choose EWS

Cost Savings

Streamline organizational procedures that will lead to cost reductions across your organization

Quantifiable ROI

Maximizing office productivity by fully embracing the power and flexibility of ECM

Beyond Compliance

Accountability and audit trails, streamlined processes to reduce the cost of compliance.